BoardMaps Board Management Software


Today board portals make it possible not only to comfortably transfer IT infrastructure to virtual servers but also to organize productive corporate governance. This article is an overview of the BoardMaps board software.

The functionality of BoardMaps solution

BoardMaps is a software solution for automating the activities of collegial management bodies in large and medium-sized companies, government bodies: boards of directors, boards, committees, and working groups. The solution can be used by large business structures, representatives of medium and small businesses, government bodies. The BoardMaps product is based on the idea of a “question turnover”. A question is a key entity around which the work of a collegial body is organized, and question circulation is a technology that supports the entire life cycle of an issue: from its emergence to decision-making and execution of instructions.

The product was initially focused on supporting mobile work with the iPad. BoardMaps is easy to use and customize, supports the work of several collegial bodies in one company or several companies within a holding, is available as a desktop application or as a cloud service on the Microsoft Azure platform.

BoardMaps helps to conduct both face-to-face and correspondence meetings of collegial bodies; the system implements the possibility of remote, remote participation of the user in the meeting. The software supports full-fledged work on the iPad with questions, meetings, assignments, and materials, including offline without access to the Internet. All changes are saved on the iPad and synchronized with the server at the next communication session.

The members of collegial bodies can prepare for meetings anywhere in the world:

  • see both past and upcoming meetings;
  • study and comment on materials;
  • propose questions and put them on the agenda of meetings;
  • create instructions for executors;
  • give comments and write private messages;
  • vote on issues by absentee voting.

BoardMaps security policy

The BoardMaps application provides a high level of security because it is designed to work with highly confidential information. As a result, the system has maximum capabilities to protect and control access to it:

  • various options for authentication, including using Active Directory;
  • secure data transfer protocol;
  • encryption of documents uploaded to the system;
  • using electronic certificates and remote control of access to the system on iPad;
  • confirmation of the electronic signature when voting following GOST using a smart card on an iPad or a token on a desktop computer or laptop;
  • applying security categories to rank information circulating in BoardMaps.

BoarMaps: working with questions

For the first time, the BoardMaps system implements the concept of a question turnover, reflecting a change in the status of an issue as it transforms from a problem into options for solving it, then into instructions, according to the decision adopted following the voting, with control over the implementation of this decision. The circulation of questions in the BoardMaps system allows you to:

  • see all information about an issue: materials, speakers, draft decisions and voting results on them, stages of assignment execution;
  • search and filter by any parameters and categories of issues (budget, marketing, plan, etc.);
  • consider the issue sequentially in several collegial governing bodies;
  • participants of collegial bodies themselves create questions and put them on the agenda of meetings;
  • invite users who are not members of the collegial governing body to discuss the issue – speakers, executives in charge, specialized access rights;
  • add comments to the question and materials, express a dissenting opinion when voting;
  • track the progress of preparation and discussion of the issue and all changes both in it and changes in its status.
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