November 16, 2018

Two parents dead, their 13-year-old daughter still missing

Two parents dead, their 13-year-old daughter still missing

Missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs was still at home when her parents were shot to death this week, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said Wednesday.

He said authorities still have no suspects in the case, but believe Jayme, 13, is in danger.

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  1. Carlos Rosero

    This is number 2 girls is missing younger College remember that and now of a teenager like her this is going to be number 2 now some of your that you don't remember that what happened to the other girl that she was missing where they find her well if you want to know it's something about it then who is number one it was number two number two I'm talk about this girl right now that she's missing and she found it that a two-parent light line the floor and she called nine-one-one and is the phone number just cut off this is going to be so suspicious and I don't know who is doing this I have no idea but it is your decision like it's a mystery of Investigation about this girl is Missing and this mysterious of corn 911 because everyone said that she called that she come but and then suddenly the line was cell phone or telephone went off now do vacation the police and the FBI deal evolved about this girl's is missing well good luck for them because this is going to be the biggest serving case ever

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