What is a Board Portal Software?


Safe data storage and reliable collaboration have become important challenges for today’s business. Thus, most companies implement board management software to the corporate structure. So, what is it? How does it work? Here is more about it.

Board portal software – a new approach in organizing collaboration

The process approach to managing the work of an enterprise or organization is becoming more widespread in business. Therefore, the actual task for many organizations is the correct description and automation of their business processes. World practice shows trends in the active transition of the business to the use of cloud-based technologies. One of such trends is using board management software for automating and optimizing business operations and corporate governance in general.

A board portal is a system for automating the work of Boards of Directors, Boards, Committees, working groups, and operational meetings of top management. The software can be addressed to large and medium-sized companies, private equity funds, commercial structures, and government bodies. Board software makes it easy to prepare for meetings, put forward questions for discussion, appoint executors and responsible, track the status of execution of orders.

The platform empowers enterprises to do everything from collaboration tools and intelligent workflows that help increase productivity to end-to-end content and asset management solutions.

Basic principles of the board portal functionality

Board portals provide the following functions for board members during the online meeting:

  • Conduct live meetings with the presentation of the report on iPad and video broadcast;
  • Legally significant voting using electronic document system;
  • Possibility to propose alternative design solutions;
  • Expression of a Dissenting Opinion in Voting with Recording in the Minutes;
  • Commenting and reviewing materials, adding notes, and the ability to share them with colleagues;
  • Scheduling of meetings and composition of participants;
  • Simple mechanism for setting the agenda of meetings;
  • Automatic generation of the minutes following the meeting;
  • Quick access to the archive of meetings;
  • Corporate secretary-administered access to questions for users;
  • The ability to invite users to consider a limited range of issues at a meeting.

You can make video conferencing even more convenient with the board portal, an all-in-one device that combines a digital whiteboard, presentation display, and video conferencing device.

The first is the digital whiteboard mode. Any meeting room always has a flipchart or whiteboard for drawing. The software allows the board of directors to easily visualize their thoughts and ideas during meetings, taking advantage of the digital experience. Secondly, this is a brainstorming mode, when small notes with text can be placed on the board, grouped, and easily moved around the picture. Thirdly, it is integration with a computer or mobile devices. During a conference, it is often necessary to show your desk on a display in a meeting room.

Board software benefits

Board software solution ensures the following advantages:

  • Easy collaboration

The board portal makes it easy to hold meetings with the whole team. The ability to start a conversation with different participants who are in completely different locations brings the different team members together and strengthens their sense of connectedness.

  • Increased productivity

A conference call with additional video transmission can also increase productivity. Because it is very close to a real-life conversation, participants are prevented from distractions that can be tempting during audio calls.

  • Reduce travel costs and save time

Meeting all team members face-to-face can be a major business expense. At an on-site conference, there are costs for flights, accommodation, and much more. In addition, employees cannot do their daily tasks for a while. With today’s technology, video conferencing gives the impression of a real face-to-face conversation.

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